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What drives our leadership?
Enduring initiative, flexibility and creativity that take design development and distribution of products and services to higher levels, plus the synergy of joint ventures that keeps maxell on top worldwide.
Maxell with more than 4500 employees and affiliated production companies in India,Indonesia,Malaysia,China,Japan and Mexico covering the market needs in the highest level.
Major business lines included information storage media,(DVDs , CDs , Audio Tapes , computer tags , broadcasting Video tapes , Blu-Ray Discs )
Battery (Lithium ion rechargeable ,coin type lithium , rechargeable batteries ,Alkaline dry batteries , super power Ace and …..).
Desert Star Way Co. has established based on market capacity and quality of end-users in U.A.E..
Analyzing the Middle East Market Especially U.A.E. drives us to promote maxell products to the market which deserve for highest international standards.
We as authorized distributor of U.A.E. targeting customer’s satisfaction and creating micro distributions.
Our tone and manner would be best indicator to analyzing our activity in U.A.E..

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